Want to save some cash? Cut your own hair.

If you have longer, simple hair like I do, you can easily save some money every month by trimming your own hair.


I go to the salon twice a year to professionally shape up my layers and do any coloring I don’t trust myself to do at home. Any other time, I drop off my son with my family for an hour and trim it myself. (this is ESSENTIAL… kids have this magnet towards anything that requires any level of precision with dangerous tools.)

My monthly trim saves us about $400 a year, which usually will go to gaming or food or you never know, we could get a little crazy and use it for our electric bill…who knows? The possibilities are endless.

I wouldn’t recommend going the self-trim route if you have any type of bob, asymmetrical cut, or if you have bangs (most salons will actually give you a free bang touch-up in-between cuts.) Remember, do what you’re most comfortable with.


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