Honeymoon Destination: Asheville, NC

Asheville is one of the most popular cities to visit in North Carolina, and where C and I chose to spend our first weeks as a married couple. We wanted something different. We wanted our honeymoon to be about us and what we loved, versus where everyone else wanted us to go. (Plus, we were able to bring our pup with us!)

I fell in love with North Carolina during the first christmas I spent with C’s family. The bare trees looked like ice sculptures atop mountains in the most beautiful shades of blue. It was cold, and perfect for fireside cuddles and hot chocolate. I was hooked. When we decided to get married, one of the first suggestions for our honeymoon was North Carolina. We toyed around with cruise ideas, Alaska, Italy, and even Canada, but we kept coming back to good old NC.

We settled on Asheville specifically because the area seemed to have a fair amount of entertainment, adventure, and my sister-in-law lived nearby, so we were able to visit her and her family while we explored the area.

She took us to the Biltmore Estate to tour the house. It According to Biltmore.com, Construction on the house began in 1889, has 250 rooms, and took six years to build. It also safely housed artwork from the National Gallery of Art in D.C. during WWII.


In 1971 the Biltmore Vineyard was established. The wine produced here is fabulous! If you decide to visit the Biltmore Estate, I highly suggest you participate in the wine tasting.

There’s plenty more to do at the Biltmore. You can visit the farmyard and cuddle the animals, there is an Outdoor Adventure Center, and two beautiful hotels on the property, with restaurants and shops to keep you busy between tours.

According to ExploreAsheville.com, there are plenty of hiking trails, camping grounds, and waterfalls to satisfy your need to get back to nature. I can tell you from experience, this area is gorgeous. We didn’t get to do too much hiking during our stay. Hopefully we can do some trails next time we visit. I’ll update this post when we do.

Asheville NC has plenty more to offer, and a few paragraphs really isn’t enough to highlight the beauty and entertainment of the area, but I hope this intrigues you to check out Asheville and all it has to offer.


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