10 things homemakers do that no one notices:

It’s a question we get from everyone. An unexpected family member right before the kids nap time, our friends on facetime who witness the destruction in the background, our spouses…

I thought I’d make a simple list of things we do that you can’t see.

  1. The dishes. We load and unload the washer every day, but the sink continues to fill up between breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack, drinks, bottles, etc. So if you think the dishes haven’t been done all day, look again. There’s probably a completely different mess in that sink than what was there that morning.
  2. Laundry. I’m going for the obvious ones first. the deal with the laundry? see above.
  3. Toys. If you have kids or pets, you understand this one all too well. Once you’ve put the last dog toys scattered around the house away, the kid starts a mess in the kitchen. (side note- why kids are magnetized to the kitchen with all the dangers it contains is beyond me.)
  4. Pillows and Cushions. When my husband mentions that it’s leg day, and to get ready for squats I groan. Not because I don’t like squats, but because I’ve already gotten a full day’s worth of them in picking up couch pillows and cushions that my son has decided make a great fortress, because let’s face it…they do.
  5. Windows. This is one of those things that’s only noticed if I don’t get to it that day. Our dog is the sweetest girl in the world. She’s extremely loyal, and if either of us goes out of the house, even for a moment, her adorable wet nose is firmly planted on the glass. The bottom of our front window has permanent puppy-nose marks.
  6. Floors. It’s not something everyone does daily unless you live with a giant cotton ball like we do. Huskies shed. A lot. If I don’t vacuum the entire house, the hallways start looking like a spaghetti western set, with dog hair tumbleweeds blowing away as you walk by.
  7. Bills. I am convinced that if I went away for a month, we would be in major debt. There are bills that C doesn’t even realize we still pay for, so thank goodness for Auto-pay on the major ones.
  8. Events. I have multiple calendars around the house. I also have two on my phone. They’re all filled with birthdays, parties, holidays, special events, due dates, and so on.
  9. Maintenance. Everything inside and outside of the house requires maintenance. The appliances, the electronics, the cars you own. It’s no surprise that homemakers deal with most of these issues.
  10. Relax. It’s not something you’ll see often. It doesn’t happen for long periods of time either, maybe a few minutes at a time, but we occasionally sit. I’ve had days where nothing looks done, though I’ve cleaned the house top-to-bottom twice, and I haven’t sat down unless it was in the bathroom or to clean something. Those days are tough, but it’s all worth it in my opinion.

Most of the time there’s not much feedback from family or friends or spouses about these things. They go unnoticed, and that’s okay. The rewards of being home with my family outweigh the drawbacks, and defending that cushion fort from invaders is much easier.


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