Destination: Miami, FL.

We got so much done during his weekend away in Miami with his cousins, but man, did we miss Johnny! He came home smelling of coconuts and lavender (as Cuban babies do.) He loves his cousins, and he loves Miami.

Miami is like a different world. The community, heavily saturated in Cuban and Latin culture, is vivid and flavorful. Here are some “must-do’s” for visitors:

The fresh, cool water of the coconut is a staple of Miami culture. In the heat of South Florida, hydrating is essential. What better way to stay cool and refreshed than Coco Frio from the best fruit place in town?!

A traditional Cuban eatery with the best cafecito in town (according to my husband.) the food is delicious, and I highly recommend the Churrasco (steak with chimichurri sauce) with garlic shrimp. *This dish is also Keto friendly!

If you have kids -or just love animals- I recommend visiting Zoo Miami. Exhibits are always changing, and the staff is always helpful and friendly.

This is a great place for kids and parents. With beautiful views and a marine-life play area, Bayfront Park makes a great stop in-between sight-seeing.

Well-known to Miami locals, “The Strong Arm” bakery brings sweet notes to the spicy Miami culture. They make Pastelitos de guayaba y queso (guava and cheese pasteries-my personal favorite) croqueticas de jamon (ham croquettes-Johnny’s favorite) and bocaditos de lasca (finger sandwiches) as well as personalized cakes for any occasion.

Fritas are Cuban and American culture intertwined in perfection. The Cuban burger patty is on a Cuban roll topped with delicious sautéed onions and crunchy shoestring fries. Try a creamy Mamey milkshake while you’re there, the kids will love it.

What is your favorite spot to visit in Miami? Leave a comment to let us know!


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