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Destination: Miami, FL.

We got so much done during his weekend away in Miami with his cousins, but man, did we miss Johnny! He came home smelling of coconuts and lavender (as Cuban babies do.) He loves his cousins, and he loves Miami. Miami is like a different world. The community, heavily saturated in Cuban and Latin culture,…

10 things homemakers do that no one notices:

It’s a question we get from everyone. An unexpected family member right before the kids nap time, our friends on facetime who witness the destruction in the background, our spouses… I thought I’d make a simple list of things we do that you can’t see. The dishes. We load and unload the washer every day, but…

Why I Chose to Be a Homemaker.

I had everything a woman dreams of. We had just moved into a new home, I had married my best friend, we have a beautiful little boy, and on top of all my other blessings in life, I had a great job. I was a recruiter for a local blood bank. I loved my job, I loved my team, and I loved the impact my work had on the community. For a good while, everything seemed like it would work out forever.